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Brattleboro Time Trade

BTT's Given 60 Hours back to Omega Since May 1st!

June 7, 2017

Contributor: Maya Morales, BTT Membership & Outreach Coordinator

It's exciting to share with the membership that, since early May, we've been able to give back 60 hours to Omega Optical for use of our office space.

For members who may not be aware, each month, BTT gives Omega 25 hours for use of our office space at 15 Grove Street, behind the Stone Church in downtown Brattleboro. In that lease agreement, finalized in July of 2011, BTT pledged to do our best to give back 25 hours of services from our members each month. Over the years, it has sometimes been a challenge for BTT to give 25 hours of services to Omega each month, with BTT Coordinators often taking on the burden of those 25 hours of service work and burning the heck out!  When I learned of this upon starting my work with BTT, I wondered if there were other ways to care for 15 Grove Street that might involve the community more.

Inspired by Edible Brattleboro's great work to create as many publicly accessible urban gardens in our town as possible, I talked with BTT's building manager, Jim Spencer, last summer about the possibility of turning the front yard area into an edible garden.  This would not only give back hours to Omega in our rental exchange, but it would also benefit the community! Omega agreed to the idea, and we got started in late summer.  This year, we've had a much earlier start, and the garden is nicely emerging into being.

Many thanks to Kathy Lewis, Denise Ward, Sevi Akarcay, Gary Palmer, Shana Frank & The Putney Community Garden, Edible Brattleboro, Janis Hall, Julia Ferrari, Maya Morales, Tamara Stenn, MD Baker, and Doug from Omega Optical for edible plant, labor, and time donations so far! With the initial plant exchanges to get the garden going, we've seen a big jump in our hours!

In addition, Cindy Hebbard generously offered to do an herbalist talk to Omega Employees this month, which they reportedly enjoyed very much! Thank you, Cindy!

Brattleboro Time Trade Members can help the organization a lot (and the Omega staffers) by offering massage, yoga, herbalist, and/or healing sessions with Omega Optical Employees once a year, and pitching in with groundswork and building maintenance on Delta's properties around town, including 15 Grove Street. Get in touch with BTT if you can contribute to these efforts to keep our office space!

We're so glad to know we've able to give back a serious chunk of hours toward our debt to Omega Optical over the past five weeks, and even more excited to see our garden grow!