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Brattleboro Time Trade

Gary Palmer is our Member of the Month!

Gary Palmer is one of our most active members. He likes to stay busy and it shows—he has done hundreds of exchanges since 2013 on services like gardening, carpentry, cleaning, painting, and moving.

Last winter he spent many hours working with Kip Tewksbury refurbishing the building that contains BTT’s office, including lots of painting and staining of the basement offices.

BTT really came through for him a few years ago, when he fell from a ladder and broke three vertebrae in his neck. While he was bedridden, time traders brought food, cleaned, and took him to doctor appointments. Now that he’s strong again, he loves bicycling, cooking, and tending his plot in the community garden.

Gary has found it rewarding to help BTT directly and he encourages other members to join the all-volunteer leadership team.