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Brattleboro Time Trade

Laura Evans is our member of the month!

Laura’s been a member for 9 years and is a stalwart part of the potluck committee. She loves the feeling of helping someone in a way that makes a difference and thinks the chance to experience this is meaningful to most people. Given that, she encourages us not to be shy about asking for things we need. She likes the way that BTT extends the feeling of community through sharing our time. She’s grateful for the Time Trade help she herself has received--like an emergency ride when stranded, a great haircut, a beautiful birthday cake, mending, hauling brush, electrical work, garden harvesting, loan of a car, computer help and sock darning. (To her happy surprise, the darner has became a good friend!)

If you can help with planning our monthly potlucks, or if there's an activity you'd like to lead at a potluck, please contact Laura here