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2 days ago


On August 20th our member website will get a whole new look.  Between now and then you can earn BTT time credits by learning the new software.  It's called Community Weaver 3 and you can try it out here.  We are offering members several ways to learn:

1. Hands-on workshops

  • August 7 at 5:00:  Alan Baker leads a workshop for BTT members.  Contact Alan to sign up or get more information.
  • July 17 at 5:30:  Janine Hamilton leads a workshop for BTT members.
  • June 30 at 5:00:  Alan Baker leads a workshop for BTT buddies, coordinators, office staff, and other first-responders.

2. TimeBanks USA video tutorials

3. Time Banks USA webinars

To be scheduled

4. Independent learning

Follow our Where's Waldo puzzles on the try-it-out site.  Note: Anything you do on this try-it-out site will note affect the current site.

5. Individual assistance from BTT's Buddies


Earn time credits for learning the new software!

Here's how to log your time to get credit for learning Community Weaver 3:  On the current member website record an exchange using category "Time Bank Software Upgrade" under "Help Our Timebank".  Brattleboro Time Trade is the recipient of the service and you are the provider of service.



Brattleboro Time Trade coordinators and board members:

hb alan abby
md gabriel tamara
paula tony todd
katherine janine  



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